The Butterfly Effect


The other night as I was lying in bed thinking about what topic I need to share with you in this week’s blog post, the words “butterfly effect” popped into my head. This was followed by the words change, fear and resistance. I trusted this guidance and today I’m sharing with you my insight into what I refer to (now) as the butterfly effect.

The Butterfly Effectby this I mean the instant where you find the courage to make the changes in your life that your inner guide has been encouraging you towards for some time. Simply acknowledging this calling and taking the first step toward making it a reality releases you from your cocoon and transforms you into the butterfly you are meant to become. Perhaps it’s following your passion and combining that with your career, releasing a toxic person from your life or simply changing the way you eat so it reflects what your body requires in order to thrive.

I want to inspire you to embrace the butterfly effect and take a leap of faith. So to add some colour I would like to share a personal anecdote where I witnessed someone in my life experiencing the butterfly effect. A very dear friend of mine was feeling stuck in her job, so she prayed and asked for a sign on what her next step should be to find fulfilment and happiness in her life. Later that day she was called into the office by her manager and told that they would have to let her go as the business wasn’t doing well enough to keep her on. In that moment she was plagued with fear and doubt – how was she going to pay her bills, what was she going to do now. But she then experienced the butterfly effect. She acknowledged this to be the sign she was so desperately after and embraced the massive change that was occurring in her life. Once she did this, very quickly all the right doors began to open for her and she is now well on her way to having her dream career and finding fulfilment, peace and happiness. Such a shining example of the power of listening you your inner guide and having a little faith. I am so very proud of my dear friend more than words can describe.

It is human nature to be fearful of change however it is something that we should learn to embrace! Without change we cannot move forward. We cannot grow or learn. We cannot master the lessons that we are hear to discover. We cannot meet the people we are destined to meet. Whilst change may stir up fear within you, if you know in your heart that it is imperative then you must trust that and take action. Ignoring your inner guide, the signs and the messages puts you at odds with your soul purpose. Acknowledge any fear that comes up for your, dig deep and release what past story is replaying in your mind and release it.

However, sometimes witnessing the changes you are making can be even more scary to the people around you. If other resist your changes, be it changing careers or changing bad habits and the like, it does not make them a ‘bad’ person. See that person with compassion because often they are simply fearful of losing you or the ‘you’ they think you are or should be. Sometimes resistance is a reflection of their frustration with themselves because they wish they had the courage to charge ahead fearlessly as you are.  So lead by example, you may just inspire them to release their own fear and experience the butterfly effect by making necessary changes in their lives.

A Course in Miracles says that in your defenselessness your safety lies. When we are defending ourselves to someone, we are simply defending the illusion. We are keeping their illusion alive. As we defend against that illusion, we are creating more of it and giving the other person the power to control our perception of ourselves. No one knows what is right for you better than your inner guide. Even every ‘mistake’ you make is an integral part of your journey, forcing you to learn one of the lessons assigned to you for this life time. Focus on following your inner guide and eventually those people with melt away.

Embracing the butterfly effect might be scary but it could also be a magical don’t-look-back defining moment in your life. Rest assured if you don’t consciously make the change needed in your life the universe has a funny way of thrusting it upon you. You may not see the positive effects your change immediately but trust that you are on your way to discovering them. Perhaps you will release an old pattern of attracting the same toxic friend or maybe you will meet your soul mate. Perhaps you will meet someone who will alter the way you look at the world or you will make your dream career a reality. The possibilities are endless.

So what are you waiting for beautiful! Break out of your cocoon and release the magnificent one-of-a-kind butterfly within.

My five tips to experience the butterfly effect in your life:

  1. Listen – tune in and listen to your inner guide. Utilise meditation and journaling to get in tune. Notice repeat feelings, messages and signs.
  2. Trust – once you are in tune with your inner guide trust the messages you are receiving, that ‘gut feeling’.
  3. Faith – have unwavering faith in the changes that you are making. Release fear and old stories that are holding you back.
  4. Defencelessness – if you truly have faith in the change you are making, you do not need to engage in defending that to other who do not understand your journey.
  5.  Action – take action! Take a big step, a small step, any step that will take you one step closer to making the change in your life which you have been called to do.


What changes has your inner guide been calling you to make?  What changes have you made lately based on listening to your inner guide?

I would love for you to share some experiences with me in the comments below.

Choose peace. Choose love. Choose light. 

3 Replies to “The Butterfly Effect”

  1. I love this blog & metaphor so much!

    The last 12 months for me have been a whirlwind crazy adventure to say the least… Each time I have felt as though i was trapped by my ‘cocoon’, I have taken a moment, composed myself, asked for guidance and been directed (sometimes catapulted!) into a new direction each time. I’ve learnt to let the universe support me… I don’t have to hold the weight of the universe. It’s a beautiful thing.

    I’m now at a place (where I know it’s still not my entire destiny, but it’s an integral part of my divine purpose), I’m doing what I love, I’m loving what I’m doing and I’m doing it with one of my best friends.

    It’s all about trust: in the universe & yourself.

    Love you. xxx


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