Knowing The Universe Has Your Back


Ok it’s time to fess up…I have been completely blocked and trying to write this post for the last two weeks! Yesterday I felt like I was on the brink of an anxiety attack. I took a moment and reflected on the last two weeks. The last fortnight has been crazy and I realised that I hadn’t taken any time to out to do yoga, meditate or journal, all of the things I know help keep me connected and grounded. On top of this, in the last week I have also been highly affected by the Mercury Retrograde; I have barely been able to put a sentence together! So with last night’s Blood Moon I decided to harness its powerful energy. I spent the night watching an inspiring lecture, meditating, doing my Angel Cards and basking in the powerful energy of the Blood Moon (even though it was unfortunately too cloudy to see it!). Today I woke up feeling like a brand new woman with a renewed energy and filled with inspiration. I was reminded on the importance of prioritising your spiritual practice on a daily basis and to release my control of forcing things to happen. This coincidentally (although I don’t believe in coincidences!) is the theme of this week’s blog post which I have been trying to write for the last two weeks! Thank you Universe, she always has my back.

Now onto today’s blog post…it follows on from my last post ‘The Butterfly Effect’.

So you’re ready to experience the butterfly effect and make that massive change in your life..cue your ego (aka fear mindset) rearing its ugly head and telling you that you aren’t good enough or that you don’t deserve this. Don’t forget your ego has gotten used to living a certain way for quite some time so any change is likely to set off an internal freak out. The key here is to acknowledge what is coming up for you and ask to see things differently. The slightest willingness to make a change is all it takes. So don’t give up gorgeous, you can quieten the ego but it takes a daily commitment. Don’t underestimate the power of journaling, positive affirmations, meditation and movement to assist you with releasing these old stories.

Another challenge you may face in actually making the change you desire, is trying to control the situation and force things to happen in an unnatural way. It is quite easy to get caught up in focussing on the how. But this kind of thinking is really a distraction from noticing that you are already on the right path headed towards your dreams and desires. It just might not look the way you thought it would. Simply release your expectations of what you imagined the journey to look like. Release the worry that is consuming you. The universe has your back and once you start to embrace this fact you will glide towards your soul purpose with love, light and grace instead of feeling like you are on a roller coaster. Just last night when I was plagued with doubt about my Facebook page and my blog, I received a beautiful message from someone which reinforced my faith that I am on the right path.

A Course in Miracles teaches: “Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait and wait without anxiety.” Everything that you need will come to you at the divine timing. The universe has no restrictions when it comes to giving us what we need or want in life. However if we force the how this is when we get off course. We will begin to feel as though we are swimming against the current. See the obstacles you are presented with as opportunities. Don’t give up, even if you are faced with an obstacle (or 10) along the way trust that these are your assignments. Welcome the lesson.

So embrace the journey and the highs and lows that come with it. Release the picture of how you think things should look and focus instead on having faith that the outcome you desire will eventually find its way to you. It requires you to know that the universe has your back and for you to choose to see love in every moment. It also requires you to notice and follow the signs from your inner guide and move forward fearlessly.


My 5 tips for knowing the Universe has your back:  

  1. Release

Release the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your soul purpose. Practice positive affirmations, meditation and regular journaling to break through old stories.

  1. Clarity

Clarify exactly what it is you want in your life – your dream career, abundance, your soul mate.  You don’t necessarily have to be specific e.g. I want to earn $500k a year and drive a Ferrari. Frame your thinking with having in mind that the universe has your back – e.g. Guide me towards my dream career that will allow me to turn my passion into my career and support me financially. This line of thinking is especially useful if you know that you need to make a change but aren’t sure exactly what it should be. Allow your inner guide to lead you toward your soul purpose.

  1. Manifestation

Pray to the universe to help you, it is more than ok to ask for help, you don’t have to struggle on your own. Remember that the law of free will applies and unless we ask for help the universe will not intervene.

  1. Relax

Be patient. Just let the universe do its thing! But don’t forget to listen to the signs you are receiving and take action.

  1. Faith 

Know the universe has your back baby! Everything will unfold as it is meant to. Trust this and you’ll release the struggle.

I absolutely LOVE hearing from you all! So please feel free and safe to share your experiences and comments on this topic. 

Choose peace. Choose love. Choose light.

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