Becoming Miracle Minded


As you may have seen on my Facebook page and Instagram, last week I started Gabby Bernstein’s third book May Cause Miracles A 40-Day Guidebook of Subtle Shifts for Radical Change and Unlimited Happiness... I have been procrastinating on starting this book for quite some time now – you know waiting for the ‘perfect time’ or saying “I’ll start on Monday” and Monday just kept coming around and going again. But this week I decided to stop procrastinating and just make a start, on a Tuesday I might add.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Gabby’s work, May Cause Miracles is a 40 day guidebook of subtle shifts for radical change and unlimited happiness. Unlimited happiness, yes please! If you would like to read an excerpt of May Cause Miracles check out this link.

Why 40 days? Metaphysicians and yogis place much emphasis on the repetition of a 40-day practice. Mythical examples range from Moses’s 40 days and 40 nights spent on Mount Sinai to the story of the Buddha reaching enlightenment on the full moon in May after meditating and fasting under the Bodhi tree for 40 days. The number has scientific significance, too: research has shown that after repeating a new pattern for 40 days, you can change the neural pathways in your brain to create long-lasting change.

Each week is given its own chapter in the book guiding you through a new principle:

  • Week One. This week guides you to identify how fear has tripped you up and blocked your life’s flow.
  • Week Two. This week is all about the importance of self-love.
  • Week Three. This week guides you to focus on how fear has blocked your financial abundance.
  • Week Four. This week you are guided to get honest about how fear has held you back from romantic bliss.
  • Week Five. This week you are guided you to identify the root cause of your food and body issues and begin to shine light on any darkness in this area of your life.
  • Week Six. This week you will  learn to embrace the practice of being a miracle worker in the world.

You are supported by morning and evening practices like affirmations, reflections, meditations and journaling to reinforce the lesson for each day. The practices are very simple and are easy to commit to – yay! The daily repetition combined with your willingness to change will help you make these changes stick once and for all.

Week One: Becoming Miracle Minded 

The first week is focused primarily on fear, which Gabby defines as: False Evidence Appearing Real. How many times have you believed things about yourself that aren’t true and become stuck in that negative story. My guess if quite a few times, I know I have. That mean girl in your head telling you that you aren’t good enough or pretty enough or smart enough – get my drift…

The key principles of this week are witnessing your fear, willingness to change, shifts in perception, gratitude, forgiveness and miracles.


Day 1: Witness Your Fear


Day one focuses on bringing awareness to our fears. When we acknowledge our fears we can begin to choose LOVE over fear.


Day 2: Become Willing


Day two focuses on becoming willing to see things differently and to see things with love. When we simply become willing to make a change we are already halfway there.


Day 3: Choose a new perspective


This message is a powerful reminder that fear is an illusion and only love is real. This builds on yesterday’s work where we were guided to become willing to see love instead of fear and today we’re affirming that love did not create your fear.


Day 4: Gratitude Is The Attitude


Daily gratitude should be an integral part of your day if you wish to receive miracles. Focusing on gratitude raises our energetic vibration. It’s also helpful to remember that no matter how bad things are in our lives there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for.


Day 5: The F Word – Learning To Forgive


Let go of those old fear-based stories that are holding you back from choosing love. Stop the self-loathing and choose to release your fears (False Evidence Appearing Real).


Day 6: Expect Miracles


A miracle is a shift in perception, it is when we choose love over fear. Miracles are natural and when they do not occur this is a sign that something is off.


Day 7: Reflect & Prepare 

Use today to reflect on the last week – what came up for you? what subtle shifts occurred?

WOW, a lot of stuff came up for me this week…icky uncomfortable stuff! Fears that came up for me were: not being good enough, being rejected, being unloved and failing.  But I realised that these fears that were blocking me and holding me back were exactly as Gabby defines them: False Evidence Appearing Real. The Ego has been replaying these old stories in my mind for quite some time.  To start to see things differently was a challenge but it was also refreshing and empowering. I was reminded that I am in charge of my thoughts and I can choose to struggle and live in the fear and darkness or I can choose love. Choosing love to me means seeing and focusing on the positives until they outweigh the negative. Even if we are faced with a difficult situation, we can embrace this as an assignment – an opportunity to learn and grow.  Reflecting back on my first week I can see how far I have come already but I recognise the need for a daily commitment to miracles.

I hope you have been enjoying my daily posts of the May Cause Miracles affirmations. I will be posting the Week 2 affirmations from tomorrow and will share a round-up of it again next week.

Have you read May Cause Miracles – what experiences did you have? what did you learn? what advice can you offer readers who are thinking about getting a copy?

Have you been following each day on Facebook or Instagram – are you going to get a copy of May Cause Miracles and commit to 40 days?

Choose peace. Choose love. Choose light. 

3 Replies to “Becoming Miracle Minded”

  1. One of my favorite books. I just was telling someone last week if I was stranded on a desert island and could only take 1 book this would be it!!! ~ Juls @justagoodlife


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