Raise Your Self-Worth, Raise Your Net Worth

 “The ego believes that passion has no purpose when it comes to making money” – Gabby Bernstein, MCM

In week 5 of May Cause Miracles (you can read about week 1, week 2week 3, week 4) we are guided to examine how fear has blocked our financial abundance.

This is a summary from May Cause Miracles of the ways the ego uses fear to block your financial abundance:

  1. The ego has a lack mentality
  2. The ego believes that passion has no purpose when it comes to making money
  3. The ego has a get mentality rather than a give mentality
  4. The ego creates addictive patterns around money
  5. The ego emphasises the external power of money
  6. The ego uses money to deepen your belief in separation
  7. The ego is uncreative when it comes to money
  8. There is never enough for the ego

I can certainly relate to all of those sneaky tricks of the ego! But I want to share my experience in relation to addictive patterns. Until recently I thought I just shopped either because I needed things or simply because I just wanted things – those cute heels, that dress… but it goes much deeper than that. I realise now that I use shopping like someone uses drugs, alcohol, food or sex. To fill a hole or some form of emptiness, to numb a feeling or as an escape. I have a particular urge to buy ‘things’ and shop when I am sad or depressed.  Which is even more dangerous with online shopping!

This is simply another way  that I have been seeking happiness externally. And let me tell you it never ever works. It might make me feel good for about two minutes but then the its right back to feeling down. This week I have certainly witnessed how my ego uses my fear to block financial abundance. Instead of judging myself for this past behaviour, I feel empowered that I have shed light on this and that I have received this miracle.

Week 5 in summary…

day 29

Day 29: Witness Your Financial Fears

AFFIRMATION: I am not my lack mentality.

Today you will be guided to witness your financial fears and the financial story that your ego has created. You can begin to disassociate yourself from the ego’s story simply by witnessing it. Through witnessing our fears puts us on the path to miraculous change.

day 30

Day 30: Willing To Change

AFFIRMATION: I am willing to change my inner dialogue about my finances.

Today you are guided to become willing to surrender the financial fears your ego has been plaguing you with. Today’s affirmation affirms your willingness to choose love over fear. It is a gentle shift towards creating miraculous shifts in your finances rather than repeating an exaggerated statement that you don’t truly believe in.

day 31

Day 31: A Financial Shift

AFFIRMATION: I choose to believe in abundance and accept this belief as my reality.

Today you are guided to create a shift towards a new internal dialogue in relation to your finances. If you think and act as if you are broke and this is where your focus lies, you will be broke! Use today’s affirmation to empower yourself to change your inner dialogue and reclaim your financial faith and spiritual power to attract abundance.

day 32

Day 32: Gratitude Creates Abundance

AFFIRMATION: I am grateful for what I have, and welcome all the gifts this day will bring.

By focussing on what you are grateful for, you will begin to attract more of what you want. Focus on abundance in your life and feeling gratitude for even the smallest thing such as food on the table.

day 33

Day 33: The “F” In Finance Is For Forgiveness

AFFIRMATION: Forgiveness offers me everything I want.

Fear with respect to finances has roots from your past experiences with money. If you grew up with lack, more than likely you are experiencing lack in your finances today or perhaps it’s lead you to seek an unhealthy control over money. Given the fear comes from your past, allow yourself to be guided to forgive those that you have learned these fears from – family, friends and yourself. Forgiveness will help you to stop reliving the past and create a fresh new perspective.

day 34

Day 34: Money And Miracles

AFFIRMATION: I welcome infinite possibilities. I will receive.

As Gabby says in May Cause Miracles:
“Your ego is linear and limited, focussed on to-do lists and practicality, whereas your ~ing is creative, expansive, and innovative. Today, you’ll open up your creative mind – even if you don’t think of yourself as a ‘creative person’. Through conscious contact with your ~ing, you’ll be led to heighten your awareness of miracles, thereby attracting financial abundance in ways you could have imagined. Miraculous support is available to us all. We just have to trust that the Universe has a plan for us and know that when we believe we’re being supported, we can receive that support. Receive is the operative word.”

day 35

Day 35 : Reflect & Prepare

Use today to reflect on the last week – what came up for you? what subtle shifts occurred?

What addictive patterns do you have surrounding money? Are you dreaming of making money from your passion but are held back by your ego?
How are you going to bring miracles into your finances?

In the comments below please feel free to share anything
that comes up for you today.

Choose peace. Choose love. Choose light.

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