Healing from the Inside Out – Part 1

– Gabrielle Bernstein

When was the last time that you stopped and listened to your body? I mean really stopped and wondered what your body is trying to tell you. We live such busy lives, rushing from one thing and onto the next, that we simply forget to tune in.

Most of you reading my blog will already know what nourishes your mind, body and spirit. We have a good sense of the types of things we need to do (or not do) in order to take care of ourselves. Yet for one reason or another we seem to put self care on the back burner. Being too busy is the number one excuse for avoiding self care. But ask yourself this – do you have time to feel like crap, recover from dis-ease, be tired, be anxious, be depressed?

The body is highly intuitive and intelligent, and it will start giving us hints that we are not properly looking after it. Maybe it is an aching back, that reoccurring headache or a stomach pain. Despite this, sometimes we still don’t listen.  As a result, more serious dis-eases may manifest themselves. This is the body’s way of crying out for our attention! And this is what happened to me…

After a period of way too much stress and not looking after myself; spiritually, emotionally or physically, I landed myself with Adrenal Fatigue.  Confession…I ignored my intuition and followed my ego instead, and I felt; overburdened with other people’s drama, crippling guilt and stuck in a shame spiral. Note to self – this is not an environment conducive to finding peace, love and light!

In case you don’t know about the adrenal glands (don’t worry I didn’t until last week!), let me give you a brief introduction. The adrenal glands sit at the top of the kidney near the spine and their key responsibility is to regulate stress in the body by producing Cortisol. These tiny triangular shaped glands are pivotal to your immune system being in tip top shape. Particularly in a period of excessive stress, the adrenal glands can become overworked. And there seems to be a worrying trend among our generation to wear stress like a badge of honour. Unfortunately, the not so shiny side of wearing this badge is usually adrenal fatigue. Once the adrenals get fatigued it pretty much wreaks havoc on every other system in your body. So simply put; my body is burnt out!

Already I can see that this was the wake up call that I sorely needed. I have discovered over the last week that healing my body is not going to happen over night. It is going to take time, commitment and a whole lot of patience (something I am not very good at!). I believe that healing my body is so much more than taking the herbs and supplements that my Naturopath prescribes me. It is healing my mind, body AND spirit. Healing the mind relates to the constant battle with the ego, choosing love over fear and overcoming the ego’s tiny mad ideas. Healing the body of course relates to the work I am currently doing with my Naturopath. And healing the spirit is continuing my spiritual journey, finding self love and becoming who I am.  I sense the need to start saying no and putting boundaries in place! I am realising that I can’t skip yoga and my daily meditation. And that majority of the time (not every now and then) I need to put fresh, living and nourishing food into my body. I am going to become a priority in my own life. Not tomorrow, not next week but every single day.

Often we think that taking time out for ourselves is selfish, when in fact it is quite the opposite. Self care is the most important act of self love. When we take care of ourselves and ensure that our mind, body and spirit is well cared for, it has a ripple effect. We can be better friends, sisters, mothers, granddaughters, employees. We can be of service to others on a whole new level. Which leads me to why I have decided to share this journey with you all. I hope that by sharing my journey;  the lessons, the roadblocks and the triumphs, that I can be be of service to you all. I hope to inspire you to take the best possible care of yourself by choosing peace, love and light.

This blog will be a part of a three part series that I will be sharing in the coming months – so stay tuned! In part two, I will share the tools I have implemented as part of my daily self care plan. Part three will delve into what I have learnt along the way and the results I have had from putting myself first.

Gorgeous , I would love for you to share your self care tips in the comments below. 

Choose peace. Choose love. Choose light.

5 Replies to “Healing from the Inside Out – Part 1”

  1. Thanks for sharing Ashlea, I know I too am guilty of putting myself last – I am always using work, or other people as my excuse – I feel like taking time out for myself is so often frowned upon as “selfish” etc, and thats a hard thing to deal with too… feeling guilty for doing something for yourself from time to time, let alone daily/weekly etc.

    I know I need to put more things into place to take care of myself, and not just everyone else! 🙂


    1. The guilt we feel when we take time for ourselves is definitely a ‘story’ we need to shift! Even just scheduling in 10 minutes a day for yourself is a good start. Remember that when we take care of ourselves we can actually give more to others xx


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