My Most Read Blog of 2015

My most read blog of 2015 was…Lessons from Gabrielle Bernstein.

I love this blog and I am so happy that others enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. It captures only a small piece of an AMAZING one and a half days with my mentor Gabby Bernstein. Take a read…

Lessons From Gabrielle Bernstein

I think it’s pretty obvious from all my social media outlets that I have a major girl crush on Gabby at the moment!

It’s not just because she’s a gorgeous blonde who seems to be constantly glowing and not to mention shoes to die for. Gabby is the epitome of beauty on the inside shining through on the outside. And she walks the talk. She teaches such important principles and tools that in my opinion really connect with a younger generation. And in a world that is faced with so much darkness presently, that’s a breath of fresh air and at the risk of sounding like a bumper sticker, hope for the future. But I digress…

In case you don’t know who Gabby is, allow me introduce you… Gabrielle Bernstein has been named “a next-generation thought leader” by Oprah Winfrey. She appears regularly as an expert on NBC’s Today Show and has been named “a new role model” byThe New York Times. She is the New York Times bestselling author of Miracles Now, and May Cause Miracles. Her two additional titles include of Add More ~ing to Your Life and Spirit Junkie. Gabrielle is also the founder of, a social networking site for women to inspire, empower and connect.


Recently Gabby made her way to Australia for the very first time – touring Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. I was fortunate enough to attend Gabby Bernstein’s Melbourne and full-day Sydney workshops. I have watched endless hours of her lectures online, read all of her books and of course followed her social media religiously. So needless to say I had very high expectations…and I was thrilled to discover that they were blown out of the water!!!  Gabby was authentic, refreshing and gracious as she floated across the stage effortlessly teaching us how to live in the light. We listened, we danced, we sung, we chanted, we meditated, we journaled, we cried and we laughed. As promised, we certainly were cracked open from the inside out. And it was positively amazing! To be in a room filled with Aussie Spirit Junkies is an indescribable feelings, the energy is the room was massive.

If you want to purchase a copy of the audio/video from the Brisbane AND Sydney Workshops you can get it here.

“Those who practice this meditation participate in changing the vibration of the world.” – Miracles Now

One particular meditation we did brought me to tears. Then intention behind the meditation was for deep healing and with 500 or so people in the room collectively meditating – WOW! The mantra is Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Se So Hung, which means I am Thou. The focus is to bring the light and focus on healing, rather than focusing on the trauma or drama of a situation. The beautiful music played was by Snatam Kaur, you just could not help but get caught up in the music and sing along.


I would love to share with you an insight into some of the beautiful lessons and tools that I took away from the event.

6 steps for living in the light:

  1. Be the non-judgmental witness
    Witness how you are out of alignment with love. When we are stuck in addictive patterns or destructive behaviours, we are unwilling to witness the ego’s fear. But when we become willing to witness the ego’s fear and instantly forgive ourselves, we shed light on the darkness. Every time you do this – celebrate! Praise yourself for taking the first and the most difficult step in returning to the light.
  2. Choose again
    In any given moment we can choose our thoughts. Our Projection is Our Perception. So walk into the projector room and change the film! Don’t keep replaying the same old stories. But you don’t have to do this all by yourself, a useful affirmation/prayer is: Thank you inner guide I surrender this to you. Thank you for reorganising my thoughts. Thank you for bringing me back to the light.
  3. Be in silent contemplation
    Stillness is vital for a strong connection to your ~ing. Especially in the hectic lives we lead today, we often forget to take time out to breathe (even for a few minutes!). We reorganise our energy through stillness. When we are still we are vibrating at a higher frequency and we become a magnet for what we desire. You can do this through meditation, prayer or yoga…or if that’s too much for you, just simply breathe!
  4. Forgive
    All it takes is the willingness to forgive. Don’t get caught up in the how, just be open and willing and allow your inner guide to show you the way. Let go of your agenda and walk through the invisible door back to love. Affirmation: I am willing to forgive. 
  5. Give more of what you want to receive
    Smile at a stranger, pray for those who need it most, be of service, surprise a friend with a gift for no reason. Be the light you wish to see in the world!
  6. Ask yourself (often): How much fun am I having?
    Bring more joy into your life! Start making it a priority to do things that warm your heart, make you laugh or be childlike.

We got to the point in the day where Gabby asked if anyone had any questions, I surprised myself and my arm shot up immediately. I was a mix of nerves and fear but I knew I would regret not taking to chance to have my question answered by the Guru herself. My question related to dealing with self-doubt when friends and family don’t support your path. Gabby gave me loving and supportive advice, along with practical tools to return back to a place of love.

  • The resistors are merely a reflection of the doubt within myself
  • When you fully believe in yourself and step into your presence, the resistors will quieten
  • And those that don’t quieten DON’T LISTEN TO THEM!
  • Own your path! Be the light!


Don’t get scared away by the terminology – inner guide/~ing, god, angels, universe…it all means the same thing. It is simply the internal guidance system that is guiding you on your path. It might be that “gut feeling” you get when you know something isn’t right, that butterfly that flies pass you that you know is a sign or simply that door slamming in your face which leads you to something you never realised you wanted or even needed. When I speak about light v darkness, love v fear, it really just means positive v negative. It is stepping away from fear and finding joy in your life. Use terminology that resonates with you. With any spiritual learning that you are accessing, take only the principles, lessons and tools that speak to YOU.

I hope that if you aren’t already a Gabby devotee, that you feel less intimidated and more inspired to check out some of her stuff.

Finally, I am putting it out there…I have just added a picture of Gabby’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass logo to my vision board. Be it New York City or Australia – I will be attending next year!!!

I love hearing from you all! 

Did you attend Gabby’s workshop? What did you get out of it?
Are you curious to explore the spirit junkie way a little more?
Are you keen to give meditation a go?

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Choose peace. Choose love. Choose light.

2 Replies to “My Most Read Blog of 2015”

  1. I recently ordered Gabby’s book “The Universe has your Back” I have been watching Gabby videos and such all weekend. In such a short time she has inspired me to finally start using the gift I have with people and blog my own journey not only as Trans but how meditation and inner peace help me encourage others!!
    Thank you for your blog!! Love your writing!!


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