Sunday Musings

As I sit here on the beach writing this new blog, I am taking a moment to notice everything around me. Too often we get caught up in the “stuff” and forget to notice the beauty that surrounds us. Right in this very moment I am taking it all in. I can feel the cool breeze and smell the salty ocean. I feel the sun on my arms and realise that this may be the last of the Melbourne sun as we head into winter hibernation. I notice the seagulls flying by and kids nearby playing in the sand.

I have a confession to make; I was very tempted to stay indoors and continue to sit on my comfy couch to write for the afternoon (and probably watch a few movies in between). As I dug out my laptop, a good friend send me a text message and concluded it by saying “I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather”.  I looked outside and saw that the sun was shining and the sky was blue with not a cloud in sight. It was clear to me that this was my little nudge and I packed my bag and headed to the beach. And this is where I am right now.

I am recovering from being unwell for the last month and I had my weekend all planned out; binge watch movies and make some time to write, all from the comfort of my own living room. That worked out well for the first day of the weekend, until today when I realised that I hadn’t actually been outside for some fresh air! I can be quite the homebody and I often yearn for weekends at home alone, doing not much at all. It occurred to me today that this type of weekend for me has actually become quite a habit. Often I won’t get to indulge in a weekend of solitude and I can get quite anxious if this doesn’t happen. And although I am telling myself I just want to “relax” by myself, by the time Monday come around again I find myself asking what did I actually do all weekend.

If you are anything like me and crave alone time then be sure to check yourself and make sure that isn’t stopping you from actually living. Wanting to be alone from time to time isn’t anything to be ashamed of and you certainly don’t have to hide at home. Take yourself to the beach and read a book, go to your local coffee shop and write or go for a walk in a nearby park. Make your alone time enjoyable and you will be richly rewarded. But don’t forget to spend some time with family and friends as well!

Don’t get attached to what you pictured your weekend to look like. It is so easy to sweat the small stuff and forget about actually living. Now by living I don’t necessarily mean anything as drastic as sky diving or heading off to travel around Europe for 6 months. Ask yourself these questions: when was the last time you just had fun?, when was the last time that something seemingly insignificant made you smile?, when was the last time you stopped worrying about tomorrow? Imagine how many moments that we miss or take for granted every single day.

So don’t get stuck in your routine. You aren’t stuck. You can sleep in, leave the cleaning until next week or throw out your to do list completely. We all have responsibilities and I’m not saying to throw those out the door completely. But loosen up a little, shake things up and don’t stick to the same rigid routine every time the weekend rolls around. Live in the moment! Ask yourself right in this very moment what would you LOVE to be doing and just go out and do it. And sometimes those monotonous or boring chores do need to be done but make sure you do something fun afterwards.

Because if you aren’t having any fun: then what’s the point?

Choose peace. Choose love. Choose light. 

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