The Next Chapter



Yep, it’s official; I am now well and truly into my late 20s. As I head towards turning 28, it’s amazing to watch my friends entering the next chapter of their lives; buying  houses, marriage, babies and moving interstate.

I want to share with you about the next chapter in my life…my new baby! But before I do I want to take this opportunity to reflect on the past year. And let me tell you that this year has been an absolute freaking roller coaster ride.

Eight months ago my autoimmune conditions spiralled out of control landing me with vertigo, chronic fatigue and a whole host of other dis-eases which wound me up in hospital. You can read more about that herehere and here.

So here are my top 3 lessons that I have learnt this year:

  1. Not everything will happen according to plan. Sometimes not even close.
    I did not know at the time I signed up to Beautiful You Coaching Academy that I would be working full time, studying to be a life coach AND dealing with chronic illness, not to mention the just day to day stuff of life. Has it been ideal? No. Have I learnt a lot? Hell yes!

    I have connected with a beautiful group of like-minded women that truly is a sisterhood that inspires me and lifts me up. I have found something I am passionate about and lights me up. I’ve discovered that when I choose love over fear I can do anything I put my mind to despite the odds feeling like they are against me.

    So just surrender, go with the flow and watch the magic unfold.

  1. The importance of speaking your truth.
    Since I can remember I have kept my emotions bottled up and been too scared to share them with friends and family for fear of being judged or rejected. As a highly sensitive and emotional Pisces, let me tell you it takes your toll. This has only been something that I have become aware of in the last year but it came to the surface and I had no choice but to face my fear.

    I recently had an experience where I reached breaking point with the feelings I was experiencing from a situation with a close friend. I realised it was time to have a heartfelt conversation and to my surprise my friend had NO idea how I felt. This led me to realise that people are not mind readers!

    So don’t be afraid to share how you really feel because that is your truth and you deserve to be heard.

  2. The importance of self-care
    It has been a very very slow healing process for me but I am pleased to share that I have started to see an improvement in the last 2 weeks. However, can I be totally real for a second…it has only been in the last 5 weeks that I have truly and whole heartedly committed to self-care and made it a priority. This has meant prioritising myself, saying no, facing my fears and treating my body like a temple but from a place of love not fear.

    With the guidance of my Naturopath, I have been following the Autoimmune Protocol for about a month now and I have finally begun to see real results. I have been going to a Yin Yoga class every Friday night and eating according to the protocol. I have been a lot kinder and gentler to myself.   And whilst I still have a long way to go, I know that my new found perspective about self-care will support me to continue to move forward one day at a time.

    So be kind to yourself beautiful and prioritise self-care from a place of love not fear.

So where am I at now?

Right now, in this moment, I am so HAPPY…

After 6 months of studying with Beautiful You, I have graduated as a Beautiful You Life Coach! Insert happy dance!!!

So, allow me to introduce myself…
Hi gorgeous! My name is Ashlea and I am an intuitive life coach. I support spiritual and highly sensitive women towards self-love and self-acceptance. I teach them to find more peace, love and light in their lives every day.

I cannot wait to share what’s coming with you all shortly!

Want to stay in the loop? Sign up to my soul squad and you’ll be the first to hear what is coming. I am SO excited!

Choose peace. Choose love. Choose light.


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