Finding Your Purpose

I was talking to a friend recently who shared with me that she felt so much pressure to find her ‘purpose’and have this amazing job that she jumped out of bed every morning to go to that fulfilled her.

And it got me thinking about finding our purpose. Some people call it soul calling, true or life purpose or your passion. Whatever you call it, it can be extremely daunting and stressful if you don’t know what your purpose is.

Here is what you need to know…

It is a complete myth that your purpose must become your source of income. So take that pressure off yourself honey!

Your day job (aka source of income) does not necessarily have to be your purpose (aka your passion). You can go to your job every day and enjoy it and be very happy without it being your life purpose. But here is the caveat: you must be engaging in your life purpose on a regular basis. It is perfectly acceptable for your passion to be your hobby. In fact, sometimes (though certainly not always) making your purpose into your income source can detract from the magic.

Maybe your passion is writing or dancing or painting or animals. Whatever it is, it’s that thing that lights up your soul and brings you joy and a feeling of contentment. It makes you feel like you are fulfilling your purpose for being here.

If you haven’t discovered your purpose, don’t be alarmed because one way or another your purpose will find you. You don’t have to spend all your days search for your purpose but you can certainly do a few things to help yourself tune in and be open to find the answers you are seeking.

Here are a few things you can do to start to discover your purpose:

  1. Make a list of 30 things you love to do. They don’t have to be work related. Reflect on the list, can you see any patterns?
  2. Write out a list of your skills and talents. If you are struggling with this, as I find many of my coaching clients do, ask a trusted family member or friend. Then ask yourself, what is the theme of this list?
  3. Ask yourself this question: what would you get up to do every single day for free?
  4. Meditate. Deepak Chopra says that the answer to everything is to meditate. Meditation brings us back to the present moment and connects us back to our inner guidance system.

Now this might not result in the answer jumping out and slapping you in the face (but it can!) but you’re opening up the conversation with your intuition. Your inner guidance already knows why you are here, which means so do you, but you just need to remember.

If you are fortunate enough to turn your purpose into your income source then more power to ya sista! Just remember to make it fun and to laugh along the way. Don’t take yourself too seriously and always remember your why.

I would love for you to share in the comments below what your purpose is and how you incorporate it into your life. 

Choose peace. Choose love. Choose light. 

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