A Powerful Question to Change Your Life

Wow, 2018…what a year…am I right!

I posted something on Instagram the other day which said:

2016 changed me 

2017 broke me 

2018 opened my eyes 

2019 I’m coming back

This post had loads of people commenting because they totally related to it. And that’s when I knew I had to share this with you.

2018 has most definitely opened my eyes. The biggest shift I have had this year is when I stopped asking why is this happening to me and started asking:

What is this teaching me?

The past year has been MASSIVE change after MASSIVE change. I have separated from my husband, completely left my career as a lawyer and moved interstate. So you can probably guess that that my inner dialogue was something like this…

why is this happening to me?

why is this happening to me?


And as you can imagine this caused me a hell of a lot of anxiety. This had a ripple effect on my sleep, my health, my relationships and my business.

Then one day is just clicked. I had become a victim of my own circumstances. And this was a choice that only I was making.

When I shifted my focus to what is this teaching me…EVERYTHING CHANGED.

I instantly no longer felt like a victim. Instead I felt like I got control back of my life. And this empowered me to start looking at what I could control and make the necessary changes for ME.

This shift has given me the courage to…

put myself out there as a speaker and I’ve since landed several speaking gigs.

start hosting Moon Circles and group coaching workshops.

It has given me the courage to buy a home all by myself (as much as it scared this shit out of me!).

So this is what I’ve learnt since having this simple shift:

  1. The only person in charge of my happiness is ME.
  2. I am SO much stronger than I know (and so are you!).
  3. I cannot love anyone else without truly loving myself wholly first.
  4. I can CHOOSE to be a victim or a victor at any given moment.
  5. Every relationship is an assignment.

So don’t give up now because it is time for us all to STEP UP! The world sooo needs us to step into our authentic truth and the power of who we really are. Now is not the time to dim your brightness for anyone else or to be stuck in victim mode. The world needs YOU – the whole bright beautiful being that you are.

A simple shift in perception can change your life. Stop asking why is this happening to me and started asking what is this teaching me?

Need more help with this?
If you feel like you need more support and guidance to create this shift then this is exactly what I can help you with! I will support and guide you to be empowered and to be a victor not a victim. If this sounds like just what you need then this is perfect timing because I have just opened up two spots for new clients. Read about my coaching services and get in contact with me today.

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