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2 months ago I had a broken back, soul, life, relationships, will and heart. I came to your limiting beliefs session and you gave me the tools I needed, the questions I needed to dig into what was going on with me. Today I am 7kgs lighter, alcohol free for 5 weeks, training for mini marathon that’s in 2 weeks, back is cured (was all emotional,) my husband and I are doing amazing, I’ve taken up Ocean SUP-ing (my big shark fear, gone) and I got a fucking dream job this morning all from recognising my LIMITING BELIEFS. Thank you! – Ebonny


Symbolik Full Moon Circle in the Sand- co-hosted with Shae

Friday, 23rd November

Calling all souls, of all ages, from all cultures and all faiths, to gather for a FULL Moon Circle in the sand!

From the beginning of time, people have gathered in circles and practiced rituals to allow them to connect with their own selves, nature’s rhythms, collective wisdom and their tribe.

We invite you to enter this sacred space which we will hold on the beach to celebrate the Full Moon in Gemini. The Full Moon is a time of HUGE ENERGY which we can harness for high impact results and attracting in what you desire. This full moon is a time for expansion of all kinds and to begin planning next year’s growth and escapades.

We will combine the five elements of Earth, Air, Water, Fire & Spirit to release old energy and create magical and powerful new energy.

Let’s open our mind, body and spirit and join together to:
– Let go of old wounds and limiting beliefs that are holding you back
– Create magic and clarity of purpose
– Awaken your third eye and learn to trust your intuition
– Expand your awareness and cultivate daily practices for a more fulfilling life
– Connect with like-minded souls

Places are limited and bookings are essential. Book here.


Ego Eradicator Workshop

Saturday, 29th September

Symbolik Children’s Circle – co-hosted with Shae

Saturday, 1st September

Symbolik SUPER New Moon Circle – co-hosted with Shae

Friday, 10th August

Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs Workshop

Saturday, 23rd June

Symbolik Full Moon Circle – co-hosted with Shae

Saturday, 30th June

Symbolik New Moon Circle – co-hosted with Shae

Tuesday, 15th May