Work with ashlea

If you are ready for more peace, love and light in your life then you have come to the right place.
I have created the NEW Kind of Self-Help and the Peace, Love & Light Coaching Series
especially for YOU gorgeous!

A NEW Kind of Self-Help Coaching Series 

This coaching series is for women seeking to share their light with the world and live in flow and grace, all the while chasing their amazing dreams. We will work together across 3 months to help you tune into your intuition so you can find the confidence to live your authentic truth by bringing more peace, more love and more light into your life.

Peace, Love & Light Coaching Series 

This coaching series is for heart-centered women who have BIG dreams and are ready to dive in deep into a beautiful journey of self-discovery and momentous growth.We will work together across 6 months to to let go of the past and find peace, to step into your power and wholly and unconditionally love yourself and to find more joy in your life and live in the light.

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